Commonly Ignored Water Damage Warning Signs Wheeler Springs


Commonly Ignored Water Damage Warning Signs

Water incursion that goes unnoticed over time can do a lot of harm. While a minor plumbing leak or trickle in the foundation of your home may not seem to cause much harm, prolonged exposure to elevated moisture can seriously deteriorate the construction components and underlying structure of your home. Increased humidity brought on by unintentional water incursion can also foster the formation of mold, which not only harms your house but also poses health risks for those who live there. Keeping an eye out for these frequently disregarded water infiltration warning signals will help you avoid more expensive repairs in the future. If further damage occurs, call a Water Damage Restoration Wheeler Springs expert immediately from 770 Water Damage & Restoration.

Numerous people make the error of thinking that having standing or obvious water in the basement is nothing to be concerned about, especially if it comes just after a severe storm or during a very rainy season. There is usually an underlying issue that needs to be resolved when there is standing water. Even after a huge storm or exceptionally rainy season, if you discover water trickling in or collecting inside your home, it’s a clue that you need to solve a water intrusion problem because homes are built to keep water out. A much bigger issue that is developing behind your foundation walls and underneath your basement floor could be indicated by foundation leaks. Such are the kinds of issues that can destroy your entire house by causing catastrophic foundation damage. Even if your basement is unfinished, you should not disregard the water that enters your house.

You may have a water issue that needs to be fixed if you find cracks in your walls, whether they are the drywall on your entire home or the foundation walls. The majority of people are aware that foundation wall cracks could be an indicator of moisture or settling issues. Your home is likely to have vertical or diagonal cracks as a result of the settlement. Contrarily, horizontal cracks indicate significant issues that extend beyond the foundation walls and must be fixed before your home’s structural integrity is jeopardized. In many cases, poor water drainage (or failing to clear your gutters) can cause moisture to accumulate near the foundation, placing pressure on the walls of the foundation. To avoid problems with water intrusion, all foundation wall cracks should be examined and fixed.

The majority of people regularly check their ceilings for indications of roof leaking, but few are aware that drywall cracks could be a warning of a more significant roof leak. Particularly on the top level of the home, look for cracks that run the length of the ceiling or branch down toward the door frames since these are indications of water penetration brought on by a roofing leak or even ice dams.

A wall that is bowing is never a good indication. This weakened wall structure poses a major safety danger to everyone residing in your home if it is not repaired. But it is simple to overlook the overtime occurring alterations in your home’s walls, especially if there have been unreported water incursions. The issue is often quite serious if wall bending becomes apparent. The majority of homeowners are aware that they should regularly inspect basement walls for buckling and bowing. However, it’s equally crucial to keep an eye on the walls in the living space, particularly outside walls as they are more vulnerable to weather-related water damage.

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