Is It Safe to Live in a House With Smoke and Fire Damage?

Having a fire in your house is a terrifying, terrible experience. Understandably you could not intend to vacate so one space or a section of your house was harmed. Nonetheless, is it secure to stay in a home with smoke as well as fire damage?

If you read this, you’ve possibly had a fire in your house that was major enough to make you question whether it’s safe for you and also your family members to remain there. At least till the smoke and also fire damage has been looked after.

The short answer is NO. It’s never worth taking a chance on the health and safety of your family members. Statistics reveal that annually there are 300,000+ domestic building fires in the United States, causing many deaths as well as injuries. Do not end up being another fact. As you’ll see in this article, the genuine trouble in a home with smoke and fire damage is not what shows up but rather what’s invisible.

The majority of fires begin in the cooking area as food preparation is the leading source of property fires. Flames and smoke breathing can be deadly, however, the warmth generated by a fire likewise plays a role. Area temperatures in a fire can be 100 degrees at floor degree and also rise to 600 levels at eye level.

*Fire Damage
The extreme warmth created by a fire may trigger architectural damages to your residence that you’re not knowledgeable about. This could be further exacerbated when high-pressure water hoses are made use of by firemen to snuff out the fire. Even if your house has experienced no structural damages, particles such as broken glass might additionally present a security danger.

In addition to the above, millions of residences consist of asbestos and also lead-based paint. It’s not a health hazard if it’s left uninterrupted and also in good condition. However, a fire might release tiny asbestos as well as lead bits right into the air which may have significant wellness effects.

*Smoke Damage
Smoke includes heated particles and gases. It’s impossible to forecast the specific composition of smoke as there are a lot of variables. A regular residence fire may produce thousands of chemicals.
According to WebMD: “The products being burned, the temperature of the fire and the amount of oxygen offered to the fire all make a difference in the type of smoke produced.”

Signs of smoke breathing may consist of coughing, lack of breath, wheezing, migraines, red eyes, mental confusion, as well as having trouble breathing. Although smoke can dissipate rapidly, it’s extremely invasive. It can creep into HVAC vents, electrical sockets, furnishings, insulation, and so on. Even if you can not see any type of smoke in your house there could still be hazardous smoke fragments present which is a wellness threat. People with heart disease, lung illness, or diabetes, in addition to babies, children, pregnant women, and the elderly are extra at risk when inhaling smoke fragments.

*Things You Shouldn’t Do After a House Fire
-Don’t enter your home to retrieve any valuables unless you’ve been permitted to do so by -Fire Department officials.
-Don’t turn on gas, electricity, and water until a professional has given you the green light to do so.
-Don’t clean up the soot, smoke, and fire damage yourself. Leave it to an experienced fire restoration company that has the proper safety equipment to clean up the damage.

*Things You Should Do After a House Fire
-Document all smoke and fire damage. Take photographs without disturbing anything in your house.
-Inform utility companies about the fire.
-Call your homeowner’s insurance company to start the claims process.

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