Methanol Gas as well as Fire Security

In 1986, there were 500,000 lorry fires, as well as 1,400 vehicle fire casualties in the United States Gas, as the initial product to stir up 180,000 of these fires, and also a lot of the various other fires eventually entailed gasoline. Gasoline-ignited fires in 1986 involving autos, buses, or trucks resulted in 760 deaths, 4,100 severe injuries, and also $215 million in residential or commercial property damages. Estimates show that casualties would drop drastically if methanol were substituted for gas as the nation’s main automobile fuel. Looking simply at lorry fires in which gas is the very first product to spark, a button to methanol could conserve approximately 720 lives, prevent nearly 3,900 serious injuries, and remove property losses of millions of dollars a year. Methanol’s fire safety benefit over gasoline comes from several physical and also chemical residential or commercial properties:

Methanol does not vaporize or create vapor as readily as fuel does. Under the very same conditions, exposed gasoline will certainly send out two to four times a lot more vapor than will reveal methanol.
Methanol vapor should be four times more focused airborne than gasoline vapor for ignition to take place.
Fuel vapor is 2 to five times denser than air, so it often tends to follow the ground to ignition resources. Methanol vapor is just a little denser than air as well as distributes much more swiftly to non-combustible concentrations.
Methanol burns 25 percent as rapidly as gasoline, as well as methanol fires, launching heat at only one-eighth the rate of gas fires. These residential properties together make methanol naturally harder to stir up than gasoline and less likely to create fatal or damaging fires if it does ignite. Methanol is the gas option for Indianapolis-type race vehicles, partially because of its superior fire safety attributes.

Other Fire Issues

Pure methanol burns with a light blue fire that is not conveniently seen in intense sunlight. It is feasible, though extremely unlikely, that viewers or firefighters may overlook the heat as well as unconsciously walk into a methanol fire. In the fantastic majority of lorry fires, nevertheless, shedding materials aside from gas (such as engine oil, upholstery, paint, and so on) would certainly produce both smoke as well as visible fires. Furthermore, a chemical could be mixed with methanol fuel to supply fire brightness. A research study is underway to determine prospective additives. Unlike gas, methanol can stir up at ambient temperatures in enclosed areas such as gas storage tanks (fuel generates way too much vapor to spark in enclosed spaces). However, this home of methanol is unlikely to create vehicle fires or “explosions” in either collision or non-collision.

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