Offer your harmonica a deep cleaning in 4 actions

Depending upon how often you play, your harp might require a deep cleansing every 3 to 6 months. I’d additionally recommend a deep cleaning prior to playing any used harmonica you may get.

The deep cleaning method below benefits diatonic, octave, and also tremolo harmonicas. We will not resolve chromatic harmonicas in the meantime, as those are much less typical and also include more steps.

Expect cleaning a harmonica to take at least an hr from disassembling, soaking, cleaning, drying as well as rebuilding.

1. Disassemble the harmonica
I have two diatonic Hohner Blues Harp harmonicas (C and also G) my kids have battered as well as need cleaning. Although it might take less time to clean them together, I’ll be cleansing them individually to prevent potentially changing components by mistake. We do not require a C harmonica with G reeds!

Select one harp and also begin to take it apart. Often the screws on the leading and bottom interlock with each other. So as you unscrew the top, the bottom will certainly appear at the same time. Make sure to track which screws belong where.

1. Currently get rid of the reed plate screws and also established them aside so you recognize the specific order to replace them. As I take the harmonica apart, I maintain the parts in a stringent order, and also I take pictures. This procedure can aid you to prevent complications later when it’s time to reassemble your harmonica.

2. Saturate the reed plates
Soaking the reed plates in a gently acidic remedy for 15-30 mins helps loosen and separate any gunk left on them from long-term usage. You require a light acidic option that will do the majority of the cleansing, just sufficient to engage with any kind of stray bits.

Here I’ll use a slightly more powerful option of lemon juice and also cozy water as a result of the harsher therapy these harmonicas have seen. However, vinegar will work equally as well.

Soaking in a more powerful mix is normally unneeded. Cleansing your harmonica is all about utilizing common sense and also being careful. Allow the vinegar or lemon juice does a lot of the cleansing for the delicate reeds.

3. Clean the cover layers
While the reed plates are soaking, clean the cover plates with massaging alcohol or really any kind of common tool cleaner. The well-known Formula 65 for guitars also cleans up a harmonica cover plate wonderfully.

Wipe the cover layers, throughout, with a nice clean cloth. Make sure not to bend home plates, which is an opportunity with more affordable harmonicas. You might likewise want to clean up the cover plate screws with alcohol. Just ensure to monitor where each screw belongs.

4. Tidy the comb
If you have a metal or plastic comb, you can just clean it under warm water with a little soap as well as use a soft brush to clean it. While a mild scrub with a completely dry, soft toothbrush is commonly adequate for cleansing wood combs.

Any kind of look of mold and mildew or major staining on a wood comb is commonly caused by excess moisture staying after playing. Playing a musty harmonica can make you sick, and also changing the comb is typically sensible in such cases.

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