One of the most common reasons for dryer fires

Clothes dryer fires are more usual than you might believe. Fortunately, they’re simple to prevent!

When was the last time you cleared out the lint filter on your dryer? With any luck recently! What regarding the clothes dryer air duct, or the exhaust vent? There are a variety of means this usual appliance can be a potential risk, as well as unfortunately, clothes dryer fires make up a large number of residential fires each year. However, this is quickly preventable with a couple of easy preventative procedures. Read on as we review one of the most common causes of dryer fires and also exactly how you can avoid them!

Dryer fire statistics as well as truths

While it might be hard to believe, that dryer fires are a relatively common reason for house fires, according to the National Fire Security Organization, clothes dryers as well as cleaning machines trigger approximately 15,970 fires each year, with clothes dryers creating 92% of them. The unfavorable results are numerous injuries and $238 million in building damages.

Certainly, not all clothes dryer fires are the same; there are several different manner ins which they can start a fire. Nonetheless, of those potential causes, failure to tidy and also carry out regular upkeep make up 31%.
Root causes of clothes dryer fires.
Mechanical and electrical failure

Like anything with moving components as well as digital elements, defective electrical wiring and also damaged equipment can potentially create dryer fires. While such fires are not nearly as common as they are with cleaning devices, it is still vital to have these components inspected and also fixed or replaced if required.
Incorrect dryer use

This refers to any type of fire brought on by using a clothing dryer beyond the maker’s recommended standards, such as over-stuffing the device. However, this may also include circumstances involving products that shouldn’t be put in a dryer, or items with guidelines advising against drying out with warmth.

In general, products constructed of plastic, rubber, and also foam are generally not fit for clothes dryers. As an example, a basic restroom item, like a bathmat with a rubber back, can be a fire risk.
Unclean lint filters as well as dryer vents

Clogged vents, air ducts, and filters are the primary root causes of clothes dryer fires. Generally, this is an outcome of a build-up of lint, however, can be brought on by a build-up of dust, lawn, or anything else that stays after the cleaning process.

In addition to the lint filter, the outside vent can also end up being clogged up, which prevents airflow and also possibly brings about hazardous problems. Once more, this could be an outcome of lint making its means through the air duct as well as accumulating on the screen. However, it can likewise become obstructed by pesky birds, insect nests, or rodent nests.

Unsurprisingly, clothes dryer lint is extremely combustible. Also, a tiny spark or resource of heat can trigger lint captured in a filter or clothes dryer vent to catch fire.

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