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Fire Damage Restoration Pacific Palisades — Ideally, it makes sense to work with a specialist repair firm that has the competence and also devices required to do the cleaning properly. There are a few steps you can take to help:

– Leave items that are covered in soot for the professionals to clean.

– Use dehumidifiers and fans to dry wet textiles as soon as possible. Place easy-to-move items, like clothing or cushions, outdoors in the sun to dry.

– Keep windows open to air the house out until the restoration company can work.

– Run the fan on the HVAC system constantly to move the air around. Replace the filter daily until soot is no longer visible on the filter.

– Cover clean items with plastic to prevent them from getting dirty while repairs are being made.

Does my insurance cover fire damage?

Standard homeowner’s policies include coverage for fire damage. Your policy should cover both structural damage and the cost of replacing personal property damaged in the fire. The terms of your policy will dictate whether you are reimbursed at replacement value where the insurance company pays what it costs to replace the lost item with a comparable piece or at actual cash value, which is the value the used item is worth now, or its depreciated value.
Some people buy fire damage insurance, which is an extra policy that covers the costs to replace or repair property above the amount you’ll get from your homeowner’s insurance. Your homeowner’s policy may place limits on what the insurer will reimburse for certain items. For example, there might be a $1,000 limit for reimbursement of electronics. If you had a lot of electronics that were destroyed in the fire, the fire damage insurance might cover the true costs of replacing them.

Be sure to keep receipts for all the money you spend on fire restoration or replacing items lost in the fire. The insurance company might ask to see these receipts to validate your claim.

Fire prevention tips

While fires can be started by lightning, wildfire, and other natural causes, you can take many steps to prevent fires from starting in your home.

– Stay in the kitchen when you’re cooking on the stovetop or using the broiler.

– Keep grills at least 10 feet away from the siding or deck of your house.

– Replace any frayed or worn appliance cords.

– Use portable space heaters cautiously. Keep combustible items at least 3 feet away from a space heater, and purchase heaters that have a thermostat control mechanism that will switch the heater off automatically if it falls over.

– Store matches and lighters too high for children to reach or in a locked cabinet.

– Remain in the room while you’re burning a candle, and don’t leave children unattended in a room with a burning candle.

– Clean and inspect wood stove pipes and chimneys each year.

– Make sure a fire in the fireplace is completely out before going to bed or leaving the house.

Use smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are your best early-warning system should a fire break out. The alarm gives you time to get your family out of the house or to use a fire extinguisher on a small, contained fire.

– Be sure to check the alarms monthly and replace the batteries at least once a year unless your alarm is equipped with a non-replaceable 10-year battery.

– Install smoke alarms in each bedroom and outside the sleeping area.

– Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement.

The smoke alarm in your kitchen should be at least 10 feet away from the stove to avoid false alarms. 770 Water Damage And Restoration are experts who are fully certified to meet your restoration needs. We meet your need according to your specifications and are available 24/7.

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