What Can Be Restored After Fire Damage?

One of the worst things that can happen to a family is a house fire. You need to consider both the harm to your house and the possessions and memories that the fire destroyed.

After a house fire, many families feel everything is lost and give up trying to rescue anything. That is untrue! If you know what to look for, many items can be repaired after a house fire. We’ll go over some of the most typical things that can be recovered after a house fire in this blog.


After a fire, it could appear as though all of your wooden furniture is destroyed, but this is not always the case. The wood can frequently be sanded down and restored if the damage is limited to smoke damage.

During a fire, wooden furniture typically warps, changing its shape. The wood may also need to be replaced if it has been severely charred.


One of the most frequent elements that can be repaired after a house fire are hardwood flooring. The flooring can frequently be sanded down and refinished if smoke damage is the only damage it has sustained. It is likely that you will need to replace the flooring if it is beyond repair due to burn damage.


One of the few materials that can survive extreme heat without being harmed is glass. This means that after a house fire, glass objects like windows, tableware, and picture frames are frequently salvageable.

Glass that is damaged or cracked has to be replaced. If the glass has simply been subjected to smoke damage, on the other hand, it can frequently be cleaned and restored.


After a house fire, metal objects like silverware, pots, pans, and doorknobs are frequently salvageable. You’ll probably need to replace the metal if it has been severely burnt or bent. The metal may frequently be cleaned and recovered if the only damage it has experienced is smoke damage.


Clothing, drapes, and furniture damaged by smoke are frequently repairable. The fabrics may frequently be cleaned and deodorized if they have just little smoke damage.

Upholstery and curtains should be vacuumed and cleaned with soapy water. The oil and smoke residue will be easier to remove thanks to the breakdown action of this mixture.

If you observe that cleaning and deodorizing aren’t working, you’ll need to replace any smoked-damaged objects like couches, clothing, or even rugs.


Electronics that haven’t been burned through by fire or distorted can typically be repaired. Electronic devices may occasionally not withstand extremely high temperatures because some polymers and other materials used in their construction are combustible.

Your electronic gadgets should be cleaned with safe cleaning materials like non-abrasive wipes or a wet cloth once you’ve considered that they can still be rescued to return them to their pre-smoking state!

Just a handful of the most typical objects that can be repaired following a house fire are listed above. Even though it might feel like everything has been lost, there are many things that, with the appropriate knowledge and care, can be preserved. Our staff is here to help you through the healing process if you’ve experienced a home fire. It doesn’t have to be tough to restore your home, and with the correct assistance, we can make the process less stressful.

Our expert Fire Damage Restoration La Palma team at 770 Water Damage & Restoration can help you in rebuilding your home swiftly if there is a fire-related issue.

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