Winter season holiday fire facts

Christmas trees
Between 2015-2019, the united state fire Department replied to a typical 160-residence fire that began with Christmas trees each year. These fires triggered approximately two fatalities, 12 injuries, and also $10 million in direct building damage each year.

Electric circulation or illumination tools was involved in virtually half of the residence Christmas tree fires. Attractive lights looked at nearly one in 5 Christmas tree fires.

In virtually one-fifth of the Christmas tree fires, some sort of warm source, such as candlelight or tools, was also close to the tree. One in 5 Christmas tree fires was willful. These fires were extra usual in January. Roughly three-quarters of Christmas tree fires took place in December or January. Virtually two of every five residence Christmas tree terminates started in the living room.

An online Christmas tree burn conducted by the U.S. Consumer Item Safety And Security Payment (CPSC) shows just how swiftly a dried-out Christmas tree fire burns, with a flashover taking place in less than one minute, as contrasted to a well-watered tree, which melts at a much slower price.

Vacation decorations
U.S. fire departments replied to an approximated average of 790 residence framework fires each year that started with decors, omitting Christmas trees, in 2015-2019. These fires triggered an annual average of one noncombatant fire fatality, 26 civilian fire injuries, and also $13 million in direct home damages.
One in five residence design fires happened in December.
The design was also near a heat source such as candlelight or equipment in greater than two of every five cases.

Year-round, more than one-third of house design fires were begun by candles. Food preparation started 19 percent of design fires, 12 percent included electric circulation and illumination equipment, heating equipment was associated with 11 percent, 8 percent were intentionally set, and smoking cigarette materials began with 7 percent.

Candles triggered 45 percent of home décor fires in December.
Candle lights Between 2015-2019, the united state fire Department responded to an average of 7,400 residence fires begun by candle lights. These fires triggered approximately 90 civilian deaths, 670 civilian injuries, and $291 million in straight home damage.

On average, 20 home candle fires were reported each day between 2015-2019.

Three of every 5 candle fires began when something that might melt, such as furnishings, cushions or bed linens, curtains, or decorations, was as well near the candlelight.

Candle fires height in December as well as January with 11 percent of candlelight fires in each of these months.

Christmas is the peak day for candlelight fires with approximately 2.5 times the everyday average.

Holiday food preparation
Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires, complied with by Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.
Food preparation devices were associated with one of every 5 (19%) of home décor fires. This can happen when a decoration is left on or as well near a range or other cooking devices.

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