Is Kerosene Flammable?

Yes, kerosene is flammable. It gives off a vapor that has a flashpoint (that is it will ignite in the presence of a flame or a spark) at 38 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is higher than the flashpoint of gasoline and one of the reasons for kerosene’s enduring popularity is that it is easier to store safely than gasoline.

What Temperature Does Kerosene Burn At?
Once you’ve ignited kerosene, it burns at around 1814 degrees Fahrenheit (that is 990 degrees Celsius) in the air. This is, of course, the typical temperature that you would expect to find in a kerosene flame if it were used for cooking or being burned in a motorbike.

However, if it is burned with the right blend of oxygen in a laboratory, a kerosene flame can be much, much hotter and burn at 3801 degrees Fahrenheit or 2393 degrees Celsius! This wide range of burning temperatures can be exploited when using kerosene as an industrial fuel.

Is Kerosene Explosive?
It’s not as volatile as petrol (gasoline), for example, which makes it safer to use in certain circumstances.

However, it requires safe storage in fully sealed cans in well-ventilated spaces and should be kept away from sources of naked flame.

Kerosene is also not, in standard conditions, an explosion hazard.

Can You Light It On Fire?
Kerosene will burn because it’s a fuel oil – if it didn’t burn, it wouldn’t release the heat and light that its various uses require.

However, it won’t catch fire very easily when compared to flammable liquids.

Is Kerosene Safe To Start A Fire With?
Kerosene is a very tempting material to use as a fire starter when say burning brush or getting a campfire going.

However, even though it will get your fire started fast and produce a ton of heat (more than the wood you want to burn), it’s a bad idea to use kerosene to start a fire.

It’s very easy for a kerosene fire to get out of control and harm you, others, or their property and there’s also a risk of the fire being drawn into the kerosene container which might result in an explosion.

If it damages your property, call a Fire Damage Restoration Downey expert quickly.
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Seriously, it’s best to use kindling to start a fire, even if it takes a little longer.

What Happens If You Throw It On A Fire?
Throwing kerosene on fire will cause the kerosene to catch fire and thus, increase the scale of the fire on which it has been thrown onto.

We would note, however, that it would be a bad idea to do this and that there’s a real risk of the fire being drawn into the kerosene container.

If this happens, the kerosene inside the container will expand rapidly and cause the container to explode. This will, in turn, spray the person holding the container with burning kerosene.

This will not end well for that person.

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